Practical information

The Holistic massage, as well as Pranic Healing can be booked separately.

In each treatment we start with a conversation to determine what's going on.
With Energetic treatments this will take a while so we can get a more complete image of the situation.
The 1st session will mainly be counceling for this reason.

Appointments can be booked by e-mail : [email protected]
or you can fill out the contact form.

I'd like to hear from you in which treatment you're interested & please mention your contact information.

The day of the appointment:
- Take a shower before the session
Not just for hygienic purposes, after a energetic treatment or massage it's best not to take a shower/bath. This way the energy &/or used essential oils can integrate.

- Don't plan anything after the session & if that's not an option, make sure it's something relaxed, don't run a marathon (literally or figuratively)...

- Take the time to integrate what you have felt during the treatment. Energy might bring up things that aren't always pleasant so stay close to yourself.

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