About Me

I started my journey into the healing arts at a young age. 
I've always felt the urge to help others. 
Support them in their journey and provide an open, warm & accepting space 
in which they feel safe to open up, receive insights & grow.

This lead me towards a turbulent higher education, ending up with a Bachelors degree in Applied Clinical Psychology...

&.. not using it!

This was the basis for starting my own process. 
Starting with escapism, 
a wonderful trip to the other side of the world 
& then coming back to my old patterns which led to a burn-out.

My body was telling me I was denying my light.

What followed was the search...

The search for self-love, acceptance & my soul purpose,
which continues to this day.

I traveled through body, mind & spirit.
Discovering different healing principles and how they all work together.
The desire to share these with others kept growing.

This culminated in what you see before you,
the opening of my own heart
so that I may open yours.

I welcome you to embrace life, love & happiness.


& ongoing courses

Thaivedic 200Hour Holistic Yoga Therapy

Barbra Noh
Kimmana Nichols
Sebastian Bruno
João Paulo

Tantra & Womb healing



Level 1 06/2021
Level 2 02/2022
Annick Van Dijck 


The Wellness Academy

Holistische massage

Oost-West Centrum

Energetische Therapie

Annick Van Dijck

Transformatief coachen

Bridgeman Academy

Innerlijke kind therapie

CIVAS Opleidingen

Pranic Healing

Basic 05/2020
Thabo Hollander

Advanced & Psychotherapy 02/2022
Pranic Vivek