Stories from fellow travelers

In Stefie's presence I relax immediately. No pressure, no stress, nothing has to happen. There is always time for a little chat, to land & catch your breath.

By the time the session starts you're already relaxed. During the energetic treatment she tunes in completely. She does her thing and I réally feel that. She's the kind of person that makes energetic work not feel like work.
Everything goes smoothly, everything flows. & I enjoy it!

After the session she always gives a message. This is really nice, it doesn't just stop. You take something home to think about. There's always a warm cup of tea ready. It's never a goodbye but "see you soon". 

Short but sweet. Stefie is the one you should be visiting! 

I went for the Holistic relaxation massage.
Stefie. Stefie provides a warm & relaxed atmosphere in her studio. This in her space as well as her personality. I never had a holistic massage before so didn't really know what to expect.

The physical massage made me relax for the first time in a long while. Especially her techniques at the head, face & neck were amazing! I felt myself drop down into warmth & peace.

The holistic aspect was surprisingly noticeable for me. In a positive way! At certain pressurepoints I felt the negative energy flow from my body. Amazing!

After a session of 60min I went home with a physically and emotionally relaxed feeling. I'm definitely coming back!

A while ago I wasn't feeling good & there were some struggles that weighed heavy on my mood. I got the suggestion to try an energetic massage/healing. I am open to these kinda things but am still a bit skeptic and questioning.

In the beginning some tensions in my muscles were released which made me feel more relaxed.

When the healing process began it was difficult to focus at first, but then I got lost in the energy. It was a strange experience at first to see some sort of images in my head to then feel the stuck energy flow away & release in certain places. 

This session brought me some peace & stuff to think about as well. She gets my recommendation! Stefie is very soothing person, passionate and guides you very well! 5 out of 5 stars.